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I had an assignment to record a podcast that lasted thirty minutes, make a single webpage for it, and put the audio on the page. I thought it would be a funny idea to listen to fictional characters discuss serious newsworthy events. A nice juxtaposition between worlds.

music player Audio format can be tricky, Safari likes Ogg Vorbis, Firefox doesn't like WAV, etc... I found an Ogg & a MP3 will get you far. As far as players go, I found a JS program that opens a small window for the player. I wanted people to be able to continue looking around while still listening to the podcast, but not have a another full-size window open up.

participants I found podcasts sounded better if I was actually interviewing someone, as opposed to supplying the impressions myself and editing later. I have some talented friends who were more than willing to offer some time and their talents to make this podcast happen.

Once the character was settled, we would pick a topic, and just talk about it until it ran dry. Then we would do it again and sometimes a third. Afterwards, I would use some editing software to splice all the good stuff together.


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