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lil entry: 06/18/2011

YOYO. hunna here. later today come out and check us out at the metropolis apartment complex. show goes on at 5 and we play at 10! Good Lazy System joins us again, as well as Doc Holiday and the Frankenstein's Monster and Woolgather from our last red eye fly show. check out the show widget to the below right for more info on the show. We're asking everyoner brings a canned food to get in. also, dick-lips is having a penny drive after the show, so bring some pennies too. thanks to josh at work for drawing this latest gig poster. see you guys laterz!

gig poster

lil entry: 05/25/2011

wow! i've been being lazy here at, no update in well over a month. well! the wait has been worth it, cause hey mang check out the cool widgets to the right! courtesy of! they free mang check it out for yourself. moving right along, thanks for the couple of sweet cats who came out to ourt show at trophy's last thursday. personally my best show. thanks again bryce having us and mark for helping us lay down for pretty sweet sound. ALSO, you will just never guess where we have our next show, yeah mang, red eyed fly. back yet again from our CD release show there on 3/5. check out the sweet video below if you have yet to. gig poster for saturday's show below babycakes, another one by bengie bond.

Album Teaser

lil entry: 03/31/2011

yo! new video just posted from the 3/5 CD release. thanks to our local renaissance man john-michael rohret for some tear-jerking camera work, and who could forget the madman behind the camera work, our very own ryry lewellen for editing such a masterpiece. enjoy!

lil entry: 03/14/2011

boo-yah! songs up online to download. and for less than a dollar! feels kinda sleezy being on the sales side of that statement, being that the songs are only a single penny less than a dollar. anywhooooos, see that hip looking link to the right? maybe buy one? i thought it would have been a lot harder than that. further, it's only a matter of time before the hardcopies i mailed get stocked and made available for online purchase. and right to your door! don't get better than that. Ry bread is working on a lil video for last week's big show, more on that later. The tom gun now has their album done, and plans to spend the next year shoving it down everyone's throat that will permit. hey, maybe you know someone maybe who books shows and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe by some freak chance they might did a tune of ours? well get your karma points up a few and forward them the link this here webpage. i might get you into heaven. conversely, it could get you sent straight to hell, you've been warned. As far as SXSW goes for us, we will be spectators only, as far as now. i'm a little burnt out from finishing the album, and need a week or two off, which happens to be last week and this week. SXSW. just wasn't thinking about booking gigs with finishing the album. just saying, we'll rock any ole house party this week. word to your mother.

lil entry: 03/09/2011

So here she lies kittens, simply the holy grail of EPs. We would like to present Tongue & Groove, an album more or less 2 and half years in the making. well, we came up with the name 2 and a half yrs ago. That's another story though. As we speak, i am uploading the WAV files to so these little gems can be found on Itunes and physical copies can be ordered online. Hot stuff, sho' nuff!

buy an album

Front cover! some monkeys looking fly out on ben white and 290! thanks to our pal for snapping these pics, and of course for the original patch design that now graces the CD itself. Cheers!

buy an album

buy an album

buy an album

take a sweet note that roomie-ben bond stepped it up yet again for another sweet looking boy-scout-tom-gun-symbol-of-sorts. it might catch on, you know?!?....sorry, i will stop. anywho, finishing this cd baby jazz riiiiiight now so in the next day we should have an opprtunity to buy this bad boy all over the world.

lil entry: 03/07/2011

I'm going to be posting up with what the whole album looks like tomorrow and jazz, but it's late, imma going to bed. here's a quick pic of last night's show though, featuring a very interesting young lady, which makes two legit (non-friend) fans of tom gun, after jeremy, the door guy at red eyed, who is also the man. laterz.

Album Teaser

lil entry: 02/13/2011

Tonight marked the end of our recording process. Finally! Album release date is weeks from yesterday, so we still have a lot of time, or enough. Now the tracks are sent off to this elusive other tyler, who is of the Iowa-folk, who is also gracious enough of an individual to take some of his time to add some oompf to our tunes. Giver her the old mixer-ROO!. And then we send it off to get pressed, THEN we sell you a copy. About all there is to it. Also, there are unconfirmed reports that there is a didgeridoo recording somewhere on the album. I'm definitely not one to say for sure or not, but those things are pretty sweet and could only make an already hip album just that much more hip! Personally, I didn't get any extra instrumentation on the album, not even an acoustic, just Geena, screaming the way she does. I guess I just never made the time for it. I have a trumpet that I like to make obnoxious noises on, which, had I been more organized, would have been an obnoxious noise forever remembered on an album:( Oh well, another time. Ok kids, new music player to be coming soon, and an ALBUM (well, just an EP) to follow soon soon soon. Stayed tuned kittens!

lil entry: 01/20/2011

happy new year all ye friends and friends of acquaintances! the TG is back in ATX in full form and looking forward to another year of mishaps. check out the bottom left of the screen and you will see we have our album release date booked! itís not done yet, but that's the point, to get us up off our fat asses and get this done. not much more to say there. it'll be 5 songs, in a case.....CD format, i got nothing people, but it's going to be cool though. our pal-pal john-michael rohret snapped some pretty pictures for our cover art. a teaser pic is below. it's not anything too spoiler, but gives you an idea. thanks to bengie bond too for drawing us yet another little boy scout guy to put on the CD. Heís such a trooper. Mostly a total loser tho. But roommates donít come in better packages. Go use the contact form! It works now. Tell me your thoughts, along with which of the original power rangers is your favorite.

Album Teaser

here we are, allllll looking good good on set of the tom gun EP release photo shoot, 11/21/2010. this is us just standing around as john-michael tested some lighting levels. end results will be maybe too exciting for you to handle. bad mother-shut yo mouf!

Dilberts! best of my 2010 daily rip-off calender.

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

if this strip had this caliber of comics 50 days out of the year instead of just 5, it would be one of the best strips of the 90s-00s. word up to joseC for the daily. pound it brother, 2010 was just that much brighter.

lil entry: 12/20/2010

launch date! so mostly done. the contact form still does not work, which sucks, i sort of thought that would be easy to get started, but assures me flash is involved. go fill it out anyway, it's funny, then hit error and get a nice error. do it 25 more times and you will feel like i feel now. like a loser with zero aspirations and a worthless contact page. i hope to get this main content area to be more blog-esque over the coming months, so people can comment, or "like shit" whatever. but this is it for now, feel free to leave a FB comment if you like it or you hate it or what have you people! i want to thank my teach gina growchow who stayed until midnight with me last thursday so the contact that i can't even get to work looks OK in Safari. for years, i have read how much you web nerds hate internet explorer. i always thought, shut up nerds, go get laid, but now i know what you mean. how could such a highly used browser have such an out-of-date CSS support? doesn't anyone at microsoft care about me personally? whatever. i wish i smart enough to be considered a nerd.

lil entry: 12/14/2010

so here i am with most of the website complete. i just jumped into buying a URL and accidentally bought 2 years worth. whoops. so now i am in the middle of trying to get a refund and pay month by month. hmmmmmm, consider gun jumped. but all's well now. now learning the hard way why everyone hates Internet Explorer. homeboy does not even try to be compatible with CSS standards. drives a young man crazy! more later losers.

The Red Eyed Fly 08/27/2010 Us Hanging Out

this is two shows ago at the Red Eyed Fly, our stomping grounds of sorts. possibly the fly-est of the tom gun pics. to quote a friend, "yall are dripping with sexy, but it's probably just the PBR." compliments don't get much better than that people.

lil entry: 12/08/2010

So right now we are in the midst of recording our first EP. we're recording it ourselves, which has its pros, but mostly cons, mostly because we're all kinda lazy. my experience is throwing down $700 and living a few hectic weekends at a recording studio and getting it all done then. this time around, since we have a decent mic, and a little knowledge of recording, we decided to embark ourselves. while it's nice to be at our own pace, we're for sure not the types of guys who should be embarking on large projects without the proper supervision of an adult (sound engineer). so, it's freaking taking forever. i want to hit myself in the face i let it get to 2011 without finishing this crap. it easily could have been done 3 months ago. alas, real life catches up. for one, we keep writing material, which is then put into consideration for the EP and pushes it back. tyler is constantly wetting his pants (the doctor told me it's a phase) so i gotta change him, and he squirms so much it takes awhile to get a clean diaper on. it'll get done though people. end of feb latest, OK!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Most of you monkeys remember our little beard-off, but for those monkeys who were elsewhere gathering fruits and nuts, this is some of the action you missed.

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ryan came out on top, but there was 'bout six months of tom-foolery, check it!

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