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The site for Tom Gun was coded for an Introduction to Scripting Class, and was also the band I was in at the time. This site was coded with TextEdit from scratch and designed in Photoshop. My teacher at this time stressed we write everything out by hand to get a good foundation.

The Blog had a blog-style look to the home page. The page height would stay constant, but but the scrolling area would become longer as entries were added. As you scrolled through the pages, only the section of the blog would change, to reflect the content of the page.
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If you need some hip-looking, easy to implement social media/music player tools, Reverbnation widgets are your key. I had a music player, a show schedule and a mailing list widget. Reverbnation offers different looking options, they're easy to implement and of course free.
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Social Media

I had aspects of Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Reverbnation coded into my site at one point or another. We gathered some footage of the band, edited a video, and put it up on a Tom Gun Youtube channel. We also did an eight-month beard contest on Facebook that generated a little bit of energy. Get creative!
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