¡Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a Hey Hunter! una otra vez. Se sientas, por favor…

Quiero a empezar dibujando más. Cuando era un niño yo dibujaba mucho. No hay un punto exacto sobre estos, solo quiero hacer mas arte sin obligaciones y solo para divertido.

BBBBGracias por visitar mis amigos…ciao now!

You are the sunshine of my life…

Some friends have had little cover contests going on with a certain artist and I wanted to get a Stevie Wonder vein going. I figured out a lot of these chords through this video, so props to guitarist Lauren Passarelli for helping me out…

This is the opening track from Stevie Wonder’s 1962 album Talking Book.

Thanks for listening.

Viviendo en Bogotá

Where to start? I’ve been trying to take this fantasyland of a blog in a few different directions the past few posts. Maybe focus on just one situation, specific types of interactions and even putting up a little art. This post was going to be a “Hikes of Bogotá” type thing, but some of the hikes ended up being seriously underwhelming so I pulled that plug. W/o another idea we default to the default, which is just a bit of an update on life. After all, the name of the website is my name.


“So what’s up Hunter?” Great question…but can you raise your hand next time? I am still living in Bogotá (hint hint, title translated) and really haven’t been happier in quite a long time. Since I haven’t had a post about Bogotá since coming, let’s you and I start from the top.

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Renewing a tourist visa in Colombia – 2015

Let’s talk visas. After 90 glorious days in Colombia I thought why not 90 more? Here, 180 calendar days a year is what someone is allowed without obtaining a work visa or well, getting married, which I don’t think is going to happen in the next few months.

There’s a lot of great blogs online about the process which I combed and combed over as I prepared/super dreaded my trip into the main office in the capital city of Bogotá. However, in the end it was reeeeally easy and a little bit different than what I read so I thought I would make a little update.

I haven't had any headaches around Latin America getting these, but some sure do...

I haven’t had any headaches around Latin America getting these, but some sure do…

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Til there was you…

One of my favorite Beatles’ songs from when I was a kid…and it was a cover by them too! recorded in my lovely bedroom in Bogotá, Colombia and if you listen closely one can even hear Camilo washing dishes in the background…

The tune was written by Meredith Wilson for the musical The Music Man back in 1957 and appeared on the Beatles’ album Meet the Beatles released in the US in 1964.

Thanks to old friends Mark and Eric of Snare and Chair, who, are excitedly making new music these days!

Thanks for listening!