A drawing…

I’ve been doing a few little drawings for the little guy I have all over my site and am just going to start posting them…any ideas for future ideas most welcome. I think I may create a few different characters but I’ve been drawing that one guy for so long it seems kind of intimidating to get into something else, which of course means I have to do it, no?



Also also, this is inspired by a pretty famous painting and maybe if you look at it long enough it will come to you. Did you come up with it??? Write it below and I’ll do a drawing of you!

A dip lower into Central America…

Very late on this! I wanted to make a post for each city but that fell through. Sometimes it’s hard to justify a night in front of the computer when in a new city of a foreign country, and these get pushed back. So we’ll just do the usual circus of going from right now to whenever the last post ended.

This perfectly captures how well I fit in in Latin America.

This perfectly captures how well I fit in around Latin America.

Currently I sit in the Rossco Hostel of San Cristóbal de las Casas. The rain is near constant here, but it always pretty small so you can walk around still. This is the highest elevation (I think) I have ever been, roughly 7,200 ft. To give you some perspective the mile-high city of Denver is just over 5k ft. Someone told me they call San Cristobal the city in the mountains. Even higher mountains surround the city and you can see all the clouds right there, which explains why it rains so much. But I could live here! It’s small enough to walk around in a day and has multiple parks, museums and a few strips for the nightlife! I ran into a bunch of Mexicans who were here for the weekend, so you know it’s good stuff.

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Things that are better about Mexico than the States: No one minds being bothered. Anyone I ask for help wants to do so despite a language barrier 80 meters high. One older lady even drew me a map! Also, there seems to be a team camaraderie among these people that those of us up North don’t seem to care about. The US is a cutthroat land of opportunity but I notice Mexicans helping each other out more w/o an expectation of return. For instance, a bus makes a stop and someone gets on to sell some drinks and hops off right at the other end. This person didn’t pay to get on and won’t give a cut to the driver. You think that would happen in the states??? Hell no. You get on the bus w/o paying and the driver is going to call the cops. Make money??? Greyhound will sue your ass. I don’t like it but it’s home.

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Mexico City: la segunda parte


Here I am rounding out week two in Mexico City. I have moved on from gracious host Mark and am sleeping on the futon of brothers Diego and Juan in the Narvarte neighborhood of Mexico City. Just as their couchsurfing profile promised, they are way nice and a lot of fun to be around. This has been a good transition into city life as they both speak English quite well for true Mexicans, but Diego has been jibbing me into speaking more Spanish with him. I still can’t really follow anything that is said to me (I’m told I need to stop trying to focus on ever single word) but I am getting better at constructing full thoughts out loud. What’s pretty exciting is that I do feel way more comfortable with it all than I did, say the day I came. It’s everywhere, you pick it up.

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