Dispatch: Star Wagon

So I’m in the van, a plan 8 months in the making and a few hundred dollars worth of travel. It’s a 1994 Mitsubishi Delica L300 “Star Wagon”, and being Japanese, you likely haven’t heard of it. There’s a law in the States that foreign vehicles must be over 25 years old to import them. Or needs to have been produced for 25 yrs for legal importation, which the Delia hasn’t yet, thus none in the US.  I may have that a little wrong, or completely wrong. ¿Lo me sigas?

It’s been a little over three weeks since I flew into Santiago, Chile and Ian scooped me up. Homeboy is an old friend who I bounced around with in Central America late last year. He left our hostel in Medellín the day after Christmas and I haven’t seen him since. As of now, we’ve made it almost 2,000 kilometers north and we sit on a beach in Iquique now getting ready to pass out in the back. This is the Atacama Desert, the driest (non-polar) place on earth.

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Rose Cottage Hosteria

Not sure why I waited two more months before adding wings to this fantasyland of a blog. Do you ever say, “Oh hey imma do that right after this”….and that goes on for a few months? It’s especially hard to keep up with things that don’t even matter and on the radar of maybe only my mom and me, such as, well, here.

Anyway, last we spoke I was living the bachelor dream in a slick wood-floor nest in the Chapinero neighborhood of stay-classy Bogotá, Colombia. I took care of two full tourist visas there (for a total of 180 days), made some bomb new friends and even dated a girl. Not a misprint on that last point. Seriously, quit asking, it actually happened… But it was good that phase ended. Bogotá is quite cramped and you tend to get caught up in that fast paced energy and blah blah blah. Plus I just wanted to move on.

A "last of" Bogotá pic. Some of the gang and I hiking outside of Monquí.

A “last of” Bogotá pic. Some of the gang and I hiking outside of Monquí.

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¡Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a Hey Hunter! una otra vez. Se sientas, por favor…

Quiero a empezar dibujando más. Cuando era un niño yo dibujaba mucho. No hay un punto exacto sobre estos, solo quiero hacer mas arte sin obligaciones y solo para divertido.

BBBBGracias por visitar mis amigos…ciao now!

You are the sunshine of my life…

Some friends have had little cover contests going on with a certain artist and I wanted to get a Stevie Wonder vein going. I figured out a lot of these chords through this video, so props to guitarist Lauren Passarelli for helping me out…

This is the opening track from Stevie Wonder’s 1962 album Talking Book.

Thanks for listening.