Hi. My name is Hunter Stanford and this is my writing portfolio. Some of the work here had me get out of the house and tuck in my shirt and some was just for fun. Whatever the task, everything here is original work.

Though I have a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida, I spent the last few years in school for design and front-end web development. This site, as well as my design portfolio were hand coded using HTML/CSS and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for graphics.

Full-time coding isn't for me though. Writing is what I enjoy so the choice seems obvious. I'm getting back into my roots and don't plan to look back. Cheers!

These are pieces I've written for different publications around the US. I've had a great time writing on the horticulture industry, book releases, theater openings and a few disc golf courses.

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Hey Hunter! came about in early 2013 when I needed a change from where things were going in Austin, TX, and permanently re-located to a farm in rural New Mexico. I wanted to blog about traveling North America and meeting different people.

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This is as fiction story I spend a lot of time sweating over, currently in its third draft. Based on how things are going, I imagine it'll be done around draft 8 or 9. Seriously. On the off chance you read some of it, DO email a friend some feedback. Think of the karma points!

A Working-Class Effort

These are a few pieces I tried to get into everyone's favorite extremely picky humor website, McSweeny's Internet Tendency.

An Open Letter to my Career Expectations

Left Hand to the Right: A Resignation Letter

The Four Stages of Hunger: Scientifically Speaking

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