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So I can’t imagine anyone I don’t know reading this blog, but I will put a little “About” section in here b/c they pound it into you’re head while in design school. Though, I fear, like the 5 paragraph idea that we’re taught to do early but later pushed away from, the standard 5 links isn’t all that important.

Anyway, up until about a year ago I was working towards a BA in Web Design at the Art Institute of Austin and realized after about a year of classes all the coding I was learning was by myself, troubleshooting w/projects at home. A few (and I mean just a few) of the classes were pretty slick, but the majority of them were horrible. We learned nothing, and I was bored. So put together a portfolio and starting applying for jobs. Still looking, I thought it might be a better use of my time to get an internship than continue school. I already have a Bachelors Degree, so that’s there. After two plain boring internships and no luck w/jobs I hit a serious wall w/web design. I don’t even really like computers, much less coding all that much, which I always knew, deep down. But the jobs were there I said. And kept saying it to ignore what I didn’t like, which the human mind is pretty good at.

I could write one long-ass blog post about what happen next but I won’t. I was kind of depressed, needed a change, and needed to get out. So I sold most of my belongings and hit the road. I continue to work my insurance gig (which I love to complain about, but it’s a nice paycheck and as flexible as they come) for cash and do the HelpX¬†around the US.

I know I like to write, be outside and for the time being do not care one bit about money. It’s just me, I have no debt and don’t need any more possessions. So why do I need to save up a bunch of money? I’ve met a lot of happy people in this world and it does not seem much like income had much to do w/it. I know I will need a little money if kids come into the picture someday, but I don’t feel like the kind of person who needs a lot of it to be happy.

Most of the time one can just decide to be happy and it comes.

More to come as always. See you out there!



4 thoughts on “This is Hunter =>

    • Andrew!

      I have been here for about six weeks and think I will be staying through the end of this month. I have good number of friends in NYC (most of which you know) and I think will go there next for a stint around.

      Stefan has a great place here though. HUGE, seven people including me live here and everyone likes everyone.

      I got really close to staying for a while…but when will I get to travel around so easy ever again?

      Two sentence update on your life??!!

      • Ashley and I are still living in Atlanta, and we just moved to a new place a couple months ago. I’m writing software/researching with a research company, she’s making art and working with a non-profit that mentors kids on how to be artists.

        I’m getting kind of tired of software too, and I’m trying to come up with ways to change career-paths. Any suggestions? Say hi to Stefan and co. too, please.

        • Ashley is so much cooler than either of us will ever be:) That sounds like a great job.

          As far as you, everyone loves a programmer, but it sounds like you are tiring of that whole genre. I would just remind you not to be afraid of starting over. You don’t have any kids right now and I could imagine ashley being super-supportive of you doing something else.

          I always thought you explained things really well. In fact, tons of people have tried, but you were the only person who could ever explain the circle of fifths to me. Ha. Anyway, why not try some teaching? You have a goofy style people would appreciate. Don’t you have a Masters? It probably wouldn’t be too hard to get a gig at a community college in the HAWTlanta area:) Of course you wouldn’t make as much money, but who cares? Money just buys stuff. Ew.

          Let me know what you think, I would attend your class regularly:)

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