What is HelpXing?


HelpX, in a bare sense, is site that connects people who want to work and be fed w/those who want work done and are willing to feed. Housing usually comes into the picture as well. That is, you have a farm, need some extra help, so I will come stay with you, help out, eat with you and stay in a spare room you have.

This concept is pretty great for everyone involved. Think about it =>

As a host, you most likely already have a room that just sits around. Or a camper, or a terminal building near the small independently-run airport you run (that happened), but whatever it is, it’s already there. It doesn’t cost any money to put someone there. Further, you’re already going to cook this meal, so it’s only marginally more costly to prepare that extra for another. And that’s it. Cooking an extra chicken breast and letting someone stay in a room that’s already there is all you might give up for five hours of free work five days a week. Killer.

But, the tails-side of this concept is just as shiny. As a worker, you have no expenses. You have no rent, the room is covered by your work and so is all of your food. Feeding and housing yourself accounts for, maybe 70% of your income? Maybe closer to 60%? Though I made those #s up, room and board is costly. I’ve been traveling around the country this whole summer and my only expenses have been car insurance, phone bill, and getting to the destination.

This is my profile to give you an idea of how I present myself =>

Just click on any of that to make it bigger fyi.

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SO! This whole concept can be based on reviews. I go stay somewhere and someone gives me a good review so the next person I want to stay with can read that. And this works right into hosts as well, who I will write reviews about following a stay so the next worker can see that review.

As a last point, HelpX is a great resource for those taking a vacation. Though I can hear you now, Why in hell would I want to WORK on my vacation?!?! Please, chill. And quit yelling at me:) The work is never hard or very lengthy. And you get to live with someone totally different than you! This either excites the hell out of you or is totally disgusting.

But hear this! I just took a gander at a plane ticket price that was a Tampa, FL to Quito, Ecuador, for two week for a little less than $800, leaving in later this month. HelpX is all over the world, and anything! Imagine the fun at HelpXing w/a tourist hostel in Ecuador for around $800, total. Sure, you won’t be able to relax all day on some beach, but I guarantee your host will allow more than enough free time to see the sites. I also guarantee will have a better time on a trip volunteering a hostel than you ever would just doing a normal vacation.

A little sense of adventure is all that this takes.


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